1) Where are you based?

I am based in Paris, France. 

2) Can I initiate campaigns prior to my music release?

Absolutely! I am dedicated to promptly launching your campaigns as soon as you provide me with the track link(s).

3) I selected the wrong package. Can I switch it to an alternative package within a similar budget?

Certainly, I understand that mistakes can happen. Feel free to reach out to me, and I'll be glad to customize and adjust your package according to your preferences.

4) What clients do you work with?
Client confidentiality is of utmost importance. In adherence to privacy standards, I do not disclose client information unless it is explicitly mentioned and hyperlinked on my website. However, I've effectively promoted over 1,000 songs across prominent platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. This includes successful promotion collaborations with esteemed artists and labels.

5) Can you provide examples of your work?
Certainly, while I cannot share specific client details, I can highlight my collaborations with well-known entities. Notably, I've conducted music promotion campaigns for significant labels like Sony Music, Universal Music, Warner Music, Spinnin' Records, and more. These partnerships underscore my experience and effectiveness in the industry.

6) How can I obtain more information about your services?

Certainly! For further insights into my services, don't hesitate to get in touch with me at info@imanalias.com. I am here to assist you.

7) I emailed customer service. How long will it take them to respond?

Expect a reply within 24-48 hours by email.



1) Do you ship to my country? 

I ship to almost all countries, so the answer is most likely yes! 

2) How do I track my order?

Once your payment is finalised and your order had been processed, you will receive automatically information about your shipment within a few days. 

3) I haven't received my order yet, what shall I do?

No worries, I will help you out! I am directly reachable through Instagram DMs or just email me at info@imanalias.com. I will be more than happy to update you on your order and the estimated delivery date !

4) Do I have to pay some duties or taxes?

I have some good news! There is almost a zero chance that your order will have any additional fees added after you have paid for your item. 

5) What payment methods are accepted?

I accept credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) in addition to PayPal. All payment processes are securely managed through Stripe and PayPal. Rest assured, I never capture or directly handle any of your payment details.



1) Is it a Top 25 placement?

Absolutely, it is! I secure a Top 25 placement for your music within the playlists upon the launch of your promotional campaign. As the campaign progresses, your placement may gradually shift down the playlist.

2) How long will my tracks remain in the Playlists?

The duration varies based on the package you choose. My standard packages encompass a playlisting period from 4 to 12 weeks.

3) How can I monitor growth resulting from a campaign?

For insights into the impact of your campaign, you can access your Spotify Artist account. This account provides a comprehensive view of the streams generated by your song in each playlist, offering valuable data on the campaign's effectiveness.

4) How can I access my Spotify for Artists statistics?

Accessing your Spotify for Artists stats is easy. After logging into your Spotify for Artists account, click on the name of the track you're promoting with us. You'll encounter two options: "Stats" and "Playlists." Opt for the "Playlists" section, and upon scrolling down, you'll come across a box offering four timeframe options - "Since 2015," "Last 28 days," "Last 7 days," and "Last 24 hours."

5) Are all the streams authentic and organic?

Absolutely, every stream I deliver is completely organic and genuine. My commitment to quality and ethical practices ensures that each stream originates from real, engaged listeners. Your music will resonate with a bona fide and enthusiastic audience, as I prioritize the integrity of my services.



1) How does it work?

With the Growth services, the process begins by creating a meticulously targeted ad campaign. This involves directing the campaign towards engaged viewers who align with your genre, mood, and video content. As the campaign unfolds, continuous optimization ensures that I surpass your minimum view target. Should any unforeseen issues arise that prevent support for your track, a prompt refund will be issued.

2) Can explicit music be promoted?

The acceptability of explicit content depends on its nature. Content involving nudity, drug use, violence, etc., might result in platform disapproval due to "Shocking" or "Adult" classification. Mild swearing or subtly suggestive content is generally approved. If you're uncertain about your song's approval status, don't hesitate to contact me.

3) How long before the campaign starts?

The only variable outside our control is the platform's review process, which usually takes 24-72 hours for approval. While some ads are approved within minutes, others might take up to 2 weeks.

4) What number of streams will I receive from the campaign?

I specialize in organic promotions and don't sell specific stream quantities. However, with experience since 2018, I can estimate your track's potential performance based on the chosen package. Each campaign is optimized for optimal engagement.

5) Can I have access to campaign stats?

Upon campaign completion, you'll receive a comprehensive report via email. This report will encompass various metrics, including CTA (Call to Action), providing you with insights into your campaign's performance.

6) How can I track the progress of my music promotion campaign?

At campaign end, an in-depth email report with analytics will be sent to you. This report covers streaming numbers, follower growth, and other pivotal metrics, furnishing you with a comprehensive overview of your campaign's success.

7) How long until I see views and engagement?

Views and engagement typically become visible 48 hours after the campaign goes live.

8) Will my song continue growing after the campaign ends?

Absolutely, the aim is sustained growth. The goal is to not only boost your song but also establish your brand and fanbase. High audience retention and engagement, often exceeding 60%, contribute to sustained growth even after the campaign concludes.

9. Can you promote every song and language?

While not all songs can be promoted, I offer immediate refunds if promotion isn't possible. I work with English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German (pop and EDM only). If your song is in another language, contact info@imanalias.com for a review.

10) Can I achieve larger numbers than those on the website?

Certainly! If you have ambitious campaign goals beyond my current packages, email info@imanalias.com. Share your targets and your song's link, and I'll create a tailored plan to achieve extraordinary results beyond the standard offerings.