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Do you have a new single to share with the world? In the fast-paced world of music, a meticulously crafted press release serves as your golden ticket to capture the interest of writers, journalists, bloggers, and industry experts capable of amplifying your message. 

Once you place your order, I will reach out to request the following from you:

  • Artist Biography: Your musical journey, achievements, and unique story. Media like music and artists that make it easy for them to write about.
  • Release Title: Provide the title of your release along with its release date, ensuring we're up to date on your schedule.
  • Genre: Specify the style or category of music your work falls into, helping me better understand your sound.
  • About the Release: Share insights from its creation, anecdotes, and your personal thoughts. It's not merely about announcing your music; it's about skillfully shaping captivating narratives that deeply connect with your audience!
  • Music Link: I'll need access to your music, so I can immerse myself in your sound.
  • Lyrics: Share your lyrical genius with me.
  • Links to Social Media: Your online presence is vital. Share your social media links, so I can connect the world to your music.
  • Photos & artworks: Visuals matter! Provide ne with eye-catching photos and artworks that complements your music.

For any questions about this product, please reach out to .