Elevate Your In-House Studio Setup with These 4 Accessories


Creating music from the comfort of your home has never been more achievable. While a microphone, digital audio interface (DAC), Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), and headphones form the foundation, taking your home studio to the next level involves investing in additional accessories to enhance audio quality and project a professional image. Here are four must-have accessories for your in-house studio:


Preamps Often underestimated, a preamplifier, or preamp, plays a crucial role in many in-house studios. Placed between a microphone and a DAC, a preamp captures sound with clarity and crispness, boosting the initial mic-level signal. H2 Audio's recreation of the Helios Type 69 preamp and EQ channel strip is ideal for those aiming to replicate the iconic tones of rock legends like Led Zeppelin and Elton John, providing responsive, punchy midrange tones reminiscent of classic hits.   


A reliable tuner is an indispensable tool to maintain proper pitch. While various types exist, a pedal tuner stands out for its durability and accuracy. Korg's Pitchblack Advance, with its easy-to-read and large display, ensures accurate tuning in any studio lighting conditions. Placing the tuner pedal at the beginning of your effect signal chain is crucial for pitch accuracy.

Pop Filter or Screen

A non-negotiable addition to your studio is a pop filter, especially when recording vocals. Singers often produce plosive sounds that can overload the microphone. A pop filter prevents fast-moving air and saliva from affecting the mic, preserving audio quality and microphone integrity. AVerMedia's Live Streamer POP FILTER, designed for its Creator Studio collection, offers enhanced durability with its metal construction, making it suitable for various purposes beyond music recording, such as podcasting and live streaming.

Sound Absorbing Foam

Achieving maximum audio quality during recording involves minimizing echoes, particularly in small studios with problematic hard surfaces like walls. Acoustic foam panels from brands like Pro Studio and JBER, available in packs of 12 or 24, can be strategically placed on walls to absorb sound reflections. Additionally, bass traps in studio corners help prevent low-frequency standing waves, ensuring optimal sound quality.

It's essential to understand that investing in gear alone doesn't automatically upgrade your music. These accessories complement an artist's work, assisting them in achieving their desired output. By mastering the proper use of electronic gear and accessories, you can enhance the quality and appeal of your music.

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