3 Common Mistakes Artists Make With Music Ads

Starting with the Evidence...

For clarity and trust, here's a peek into the ad results from accounts I oversee. It's easy for anyone to claim anything online, but here's some data: In places like the US & Canada, my well-optimized ads often achieve $0.06 per click and $0.12 per lead (follower, sign up, etc.). In countries where ad costs are lower, these figures drop to $0.02 per click and $0.05 per lead. While this isn't a guaranteed rate for everyone, it exemplifies the power of ad optimization.

The truth? When artists handle their own ads without optimization, they often pay AT LEAST twice the amount for the same outcome. In simpler terms: Without optimizing, you’re overspending on your music ads. And remember, these techniques are versatile across genres. If your potential fans are online, this guide is tailored for you. So let’s dive in!

The Crucial First 3 Seconds

Starting your ad with, "Hi, I’m Eric, listen to my new track…" is a no-go. The harsh reality? Viewers usually aren’t immediately concerned with your name. With the ever-decreasing attention spans today, the beginning of your ad is paramount.

Your ad's headline is its heart. It should captivate the viewer almost instantly. Ever wondered why you're currently browsing this? A compelling headline drew you in!

Your Music Isn’t the Center (Initially)

Understanding that listeners initially wonder, "What’s in it for me?" is a game-changer for crafting impactful ads.

Simply announcing, “Check out my latest single,” misses the mark. Instead, convey the experience or emotions listeners might derive from your music. Will it soothe their soul, enhance their party vibes, comfort them post-breakup, or perhaps accompany them during a quiet evening? Address their needs or desires, not just your release.

Directing Listeners Effectively

The ultimate destination for your traffic should ideally be your website, the hub of your data collection. While using smart links is a decent interim solution, your personal website is the pinnacle.

Surprisingly, a large number of artists lack an optimized website for their ad campaigns. A functional site is instrumental for building email lists, notifications, and more. If there isn’t a straightforward mechanism for fans to subscribe or engage, you’re missing out.

Quick Tricks to Save on Music Ads

Imagine you allocate $1,000 annually on ads on platforms like Facebook & Instagram (that's less than $3/day). If prior to this guide, your ads weren't fine-tuned, ponder on other potential areas of wastage!

Say currently, as an artist, your ads cost $0.15 per click and $0.45 per conversion. Enhancing those metrics by even 50% translates to direct savings! Alternatively, for the same budget, you can achieve double the engagement and reach.


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